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Please visit our wonderful sponsors and let them know you appreciate them helping our league! 

Summer of Freedom is FTSC’s intra-club league and DC’s first and only LGBT (straight friendly) soccer league. We are very excited to bring together the various FTSC groupings – pickup and league, upper and lower divisions, women and men – and mix it up with new friends. Straight allies are welcome.

Thanks to everyone who participated in Summer of Freedom 2017!  Games ran every Tuesday, starting early June between 6:30 PM and 9:30 PM at either the Bell & Lincoln Soccer Field at Hiatt Place and Irving Street NW, or Cardozo High School at Florida Avenue and 13th Street NW. Want to remember your favorite games?  Check out the schedule here! 

Anxious to get in on the action?  Make sure to join FTSC as a member to get access to early registration.  More information will become available in Spring 2018.  Can’t commit to every week?  We’ll have a chance for players to sing up for the Reserve List.  Teams must look to the Reserve List when regular players cannot make the game, and it is an excellent chance to get in on the fun and mingle with DC’s most fabulous soccer players. 

The Summer of Freedom Rules can be found here. Twelve teams will be set up and led by a female captain, a male captain and a team manager. Using a snake-draft to ensure skill equity across all the teams, team leaders select team members. Participants are guaranteed:

  • placement in a recreational/social Coed 9v9 Summer league
  • Tuesday evening games in Columbia Heights
  • 8 regular season games
  • 1 play-off match
  • the possibility for your team to play a 10th game for the Cummings SoF Championship Cup
  • the possibility of winning a $300 bar tab and the Napolitano Miss Congeniality Trophy for the team that exhibits graciousness and sportsmanship throughout the season
  • to be entertained by an ExDRAGaganza soccer match between the fiercest Queens and butchest Kings ever!
  • A Summer of Freedom jersey to treausure forever & ever
  • and most importantly, the opportunity to make some new friends

Every year, Summer of Freedom is made possible by many people committed to ensuring a fun experience for everyone.
Thanks to everyone who came out to the Closing Party, hosted by our Presenting Sponsor Nellie’s, on June 6th. Come join us on Tuesdays after the League games at Lou’s, look for us at the ExDRAGaganza at the end of August, and the closing party at Nellie’s, where we recognize the outstanding teams from the summer.
Want to get more involved in FTSC? Click here to join!

Some highlights:

  • NO sliding tackles.
  • NO jewelry.
  • Shin Guards are REQUIRED and must be COMPLETELY covered by your socks.
  • Games are 9v9 with two 25 minute halves.
  • Maximum 6 players of a particular gender allowed on the field at one time.
  • Minimum 6 players to start the match.
  • Offside is enforced.
  • 3 points for a win, 1 for a tie, 0 for a loss.
  • Maximum Goal Difference recorded in the standings for any one match is 3.
Standings and Stats: Check out the official standings for Summer of Freedom 2017: GameReports.d070317
Format: 9v9 coed with minimum three women (or men) on the field at all times.

Location: The majority of games will be at the Columbia Heights Educational Campus on their quality turf field at 3201 Hiatt Pl NW. This is the field behind the DC USA (Target) complex, steps from the Columbia Heights Metro station. Nearly all other games will be played at Cardozo High School.

Reserve Players/Subs: If you can’t commit to the season, or missed out on the chance to be part of the league as a full-time player, then you are welcome to put your name on the reserve player list. This is the list that team leaders draw from when numbers are low and they need players.