Club Awards

Founder’s Award: J. C. Cummings


Hall of Fame

The Federal Triangles Hall of Fame is a group of people who mainly have made long-lasting contributions to the Club through their service, hard work, and dedication. Each year nominations are sought from the membership of deserving individuals and the current Hall of Fame members meet to determine the new inductees. The formal induction ceremony is held during the Annual Membership Meeting.


Chris Bedwell
Zach Straus


Sara Fiorini
Michael Ledford


Beth Aronson


Dennis Fish


Meade Thayer
Brian Eriksen


Michael Pranikoff
Craig Williams


Vinny Cousineau

Heather Milton – Heather was a founding member of the Federal Triangles Soccer Club. She was not the only woman at that first meeting, Jen Franklin and Jennifer “Sparky” Sparkman were there too. Robin joined us in due time and made the trip to Atlanta. Heather served as the Feds representative to DC Sports in the early days and on the Feds Board in various capacities. She helped organize the 1993 March on Washington tournament and served as co-chair of Team DC for Gay Games IV in New York 1994. She also organized a womens team to play in Gay Games IV. Heather was a Host Committee member and Tournament Director for the 1997 IGLFA World Championships. Heather was drafted to the IGLFA board before it became the IGLFA (JC had something to do with this). She served for almost 10 years including as a representative to the Federation of Gay Games. Heather is a member of the IGLFA Hall of Fame as well.

Best memories: ’93 March on Washington tournament, still have the t-shirt; Sunday lunches; .99 cent lesbians at a South Carolina gas-n-go during hunting season; working with JC on all things gay soccer; kicking the ball around down 5th Ave during NYC Gay Pride; scoring off a midline throw-in from a Boston Striker to the far post in the Hamptons; standing on the Mall just after sunrise anxiously awaiting the arrival of players and fans from our extended soccer family.


Glenn Auve – Glenn has been involved with the Feds nearly since the Club’s founding. He was our original Communications Officer and has held positions on the board over the years including Vice President and Historian. He was the scorer of the first tournament goal in Feds history at the 1991 Atlanta Championships. He traveled with the club to many tournaments over the years and was among the goal scorers at the Gay Games in 1998 Amsterdam. Glenn served on the Host Committees for both the 1997 and 2009 IGLFA World Championships and he was one of the organizers of the 1993 March on Washington tournament. In addition to those events he has been a consistent volunteer and a presence at pick up. He has also served as a referee at a number of FTSC events and tournaments over the years including most of the Rehoboth Beach Classics. Glenn has also donated his gift for photography at a number of events for use on the FTSC website and other publications.


Jim Ensor





Tom Van Wagner

Melanie Lilliston


Colleen Lally – Colleen started playing with the first women’s team formed in the 2003-04 winter indoor season as a keeper. This team carried over to our first outdoor team in WAWSL in the spring of ’04 (“FTSC”). She started attending board meetings in ’03 and then became a board member in ’04. In ’04 she was selected as Newcomer of the Year. She stayed on the board for five years (Member At-Large, Communications Officer for two years, President, Immediate Past-President). Colleen continued playing on several teams and in tournaments until the end of 2005 when she suffered a concussion that made her have to put away her player kit. She couldn’t give it up and truly valued the family that FTSC provided, the friendships that were created, and wanted to see that happen for more women. As a result, she started a second women’s team (“Arlington Feds”) and managed that team for a few years as well as becoming a USSF certified referee. As the interest in the women’s teams continued, she collected information for those interested and entered another team into WAWSL (“The Feds”) and worked with a few women to help manage that team. She began officiating at the Turkey Bowl and RBC each year and also at the 2009 IGLFA World Championships. Then in 2010 she started up the 4th women’s team, Victorious Secret and tapped Alison Samuels and Beth Aronson to manage that team with her the first season. That same year, she got approval from the board to start our first ever women’s tournament (Women’s Winter Wrap-Up Indoor Cup) which had 8 teams. In its second year the tournament had 14 teams and continued to grow. In the fall of 2011, she started up our fifth women’s team, and first women’s Over 30 team (“Vintage Feds”). She continues to serve as a contact on the website for any women interested in joining any of our teams with the club.


Nick Napolitano





David Vos

Wendy Chun-Hoon


Leslie Engelking

Dan White


James “JC” Cummings – JC was the founder of the Federal Triangles Soccer Club. He was approached by DC Sports Association to start a gay soccer team playing under the DC Sports umbrella. JC was a long time player (since the late 1960s!) and was an administrator in a variety of mainstream soccer organizations prior to founding The Feds. He served as the first president of the Club. He had the idea to host a tournament in conjunction with the 1993 March on Washington for LGBT Rights and helped organize the event. He was instrumental in creating our visual identity for many years between designing our first logo and then using some of his contacts to have the logo for the 1997 IGLFA World Championships tournament professionally designed. That design became our second logo. JC was a member of the Host Committee for the 1997 IGLFA World Championships. He also served in a variety of board positions with the IGLFA including president. He is a member of the IGLFA Hall of Fame as well as Team DC’s Hall of Champions. Since knee injuries forced him to hang up his player’s boots, he traded them in for a whistle and referee badge. He has been a stalwart official for a variety of FTSC events and tournaments for many years.

Andy Sylvia

Andy Sylvia, first joined the club in 1998 as an avid pick-up player and was quickly appointed to board to fill a vacant communication officer position. He served as the Communications officer until becoming President of the “Feds” in 2001 and served on the TeamDC board in 2003. Andy also served as the “Feds” Liaison to TeamDC 2002 for the Gay Games in Sydney and as liaison to the Outgames in 2006.

Andy’s main focus over the years was organizing traveling teams to regional, national and international tournaments. He was instrumental in organizing traveling teams which played in 11 international tournaments in at least 8 countries including 8 IGLFA Tournaments (Ft. Lauderdale 1999, Cologne 2000, London 2001, Boston 2003, San Francisco 2004 – 4th place, Copenhagen 2005 and Buenos Aires 2007), 1 Gay Games (Sydney 2002), 1 OutGames (Montreal 2006 – Gold Medal) and 1 Eurogame (Barcelona – 2007 – the only American team allowed to participated).  Regional tournaments included organization and participation in Philly Pumpkin Patch 1998 & 2002,New York Indoor Classic 1998-2013, the Liberty Bell Classic in 2012 and an Altanta Armory Classic.

Along with Leslie Engelking, Andy adapted a new format for the Rehoboth Beach Classic changing it from a mens tournament in the late 90’s to the current coed format which is still used today. Andy’s commitment to the RBC continues as he served with Colleen Lolly as committee chair in 2013 and he has never missed an RBC since it began.

Andy was also a strong believer in leagues, he played in the Montgomery County League (MCRDL) from 1998 to 2013. He formed a new Men’s MCRDL league team called D Listers in 2008 which won its division in its first season and two subsequent seasons.  D Listers consistently finishes in the top of its bracket, in the MCRDL summer tournament D Listers finished in 2nd place in 2011, 4th place 2012 and finally clinched 1st place in 2013.  D Listers moved to District Sports in the fall of 2013 and finished in 2nd place in the leagues first season, the highest of the 6 FTSC participating men’s teams.  On the coed side Andy assisted Leslie Engelking with the formation of FTSC’s longest continuously running FTSC League team simply called “Feds Coed/DC Feds” the roster brought together some of the most influential women in FTSC’s history including two FTSC Hall of Famer’s Wendy Chun-Hoon,  Melanie Lilliston and Coleen Lally.

As communications officer Andy made many contributions and served as editor for a number of years of the “Federal Observer.”



Newcomer of the Year

This award is given to a new member who has made a big impression on the club through their contributions on and off the field.

2016 – Brian Corgiat

2015 – Emmy Fontaine & Mark Summerside

2014 – Amanda Lyndaker & Jason Weaver

2013 – Cara Mauldin & Blake Jelley

2012 – Amanda Hackett & Kenneth Durril

2011 – Amanda Koslow & Alex Bustamante

2010 – Ben Keller & Alison Samuels

2009 – Joao Freitas

2008 – Amanda Pyron & Zach Straus

2007 – Dennis Fish & Ashley Smith

2006 – Alma Ton

2005 – Lisa Mottet

2004 – Colleen Lally